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This will be our 8th Roundup reunion coming up in 2018.  The numbers keep growing as social media grows.  We've had some wonderful times in Vermont, Colorado Springs, Farragut State Park in Idaho, and now back to Vermont again in September 2018.  Get ready to SING A LOT!!  You have about 18 months to save up your money.  There is no way to tell how much it will cost yet -- the 2015 reunion at Schweitzer Mountain Ski Resort in northern Idaho was $900 + transportation (and shopping$$).  We think a safe amount to save, and this is just thinking in advance, would be $1,200 plus transportation, and it would include all rooms, meals, and entertainment/ "field trips".  At least it's a start, and we'll update you as soon as we have a better number, but it might be a year from now - which would not give everyone enough time to start saving.  Sock away $100 a month from now on, and you'll be set!